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Toontown Rewritten Gag Balancing

For the past 18 years, players have been accustomed to the same battle meta that Toontown Online first established. But as we started experimenting with more challenging battle scenarios, we found a lot of traditional strategies not living up to the combat experience we anticipated. With the following balance changes to gags, we hope to invigorate future battles with more opportunities and dynamic strategies that will keep players sharp and on their toes as opposed to “auto-piloting” well-worn slapstick. We didn’t want to jump blindly into assumptions though, so we pulled out the data of what Gag Tracks our players invest in (many of whom are familiar with Toontown’s battle meta or get advice from those who do). Due to the overwhelming results we found, we decided to strengthen the qualities of Trap and Drop which are two very neglected Gag Tracks. For those statistical players out there, here’s a sneak peek at the results we found:

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