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Game Review – Everdale

Everdale is the latest game from Supercell, unlike other games from the developers, it does not have any battle elements, just good vibes! This time, Supercell has taken a different approach where the entire focus is on collaborative worldbuilding.

Not everybody likes the idea of their precious city being attacked, Everdale’s target audience is for people enjoy the building aspect and enjoy the social elements of city-building games but not necessarily in a competitive way. Everdale is able to provide a full city-building experience without any attacking or competitive mechanics, and it also allows you to do all your building with other people with real-time online cooperative play with others.

In Everdale, you get to manage your villagers. Your job is to ensure that they are working, getting fed, harvesting resources for projects, and crafting items to trade. Once you have gotten into the groove of the village, you join a valley with nine other players. Each player has their own town, and together they combine to form a team, sharing resources to build and expand. There are no wars or looting, only friendly collaboration.

When it comes to launching the game globally, Supercell will take as much time as they need to get something right, and if a game still doesn’t feel like it the game isn’t going to work after a long period of beta testing in selected countries, they aren’t afraid to just kill the game and work on something else. I personally enjoy this Supercell’s unique take on this genre, and hopefully in the meantime more players can check out this game and see what it has to offer.

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