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Game Talk – The Success of Among Us

I am sure you have heard about Among Us and probably played it, the game has exploded into levels nobody would have expected, especially since it’s been out for 2 years. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Among Us is a mystery multiplayer party game where a large group of players goes into a spaceship with the goal of completing all the tasks given to each specific player. However, the catch is some of the crewmates are not crewmates, they are known as the imposters, their goal is to kill crewmates without getting caught. Everyone is able to call an emergency meeting or report a body and vote off the imposters, and the players may only talk during these meetings. The impostors win if they killed a certain number of crewmates, the crewmates win if they finished every task or voted off every impostor. This simple mystery party game is all about tricking and convincing other people into who you think are the impostors or keeping yourself from getting caught. So why did this small mystery party game that came out years ago become one of the most played games in 2020?

Among Us started in 2017 with a prototype coming into beta and full release by 2018. Among Us was originally developed as a mobile game with a local connection to friends around each other. The player base was rather small due to the lack of marketing for the game, but that didn’t stop the developers from updating the game. The game for the first few years of its release was rather unsuccessful, a very small number of players actually gave it a chance, and it did not help that a large lobby was required to play the game. It’s no doubt that Twitch streamers and YouTubers blew the game up in popularity. Another reason is that Among Us perfected the whole genre, the game concept is very simple, which is to find the killers while they try to kill everybody, most commonly known as the party game Mafia, there’s a lot of social skills involved in the game, which makes it playable by anybody, no matter how many video games you’ve played before. In many failing games in this genre, either the regular players or the killers are overpowered, but Among Us managed to balance these two perfectly. In Among Us, there are multiple ways to vote against the killers, killers can sabotage the game which would force the crewmates to do emergency tasks or move around quickly using the vents. Among Us also has a large balance of fun, this is a problem almost every mystery game has, no matter how even the teams are, one side is usually more fun than the other. In Among Us, while playing as an impostor is often fun and exciting, trying to uncover the impostors by watching cameras, checking admin rooms, using social skills, deception is also quite fun and exciting. When Fortnite blew up, everyone started playing it, even when they weren’t good at video games, but as the skill gap increased, the casual player base decreased, but Among Us can be played with no prior video game experience, which is a major plus for its success. Video games are very important right now to create social interactions during the lockdown, and Among Us is almost purely based on how good social skills are, which makes it the perfect game right now. Among Us also has high accessibility, Among Us started off as a free mobile game, almost everyone has a phone or tablet, so basically, everyone could play it if they want to.

One of the problems that Among Us is facing right now is how it will hold up because games like Fall Guys decline in popularity due to server failures and poor updates, and most people believe Among Us will fall off the same way. However, the Among Us developers are doing a great job so far, they are constantly updating the game and keeping its players interested. Among Us announced Among Us 2 the moment the game blew up, and it only got canceled due to the fact they would rather build it into the first game, showing the amount of dedication the developers put towards the game. It’s also worth noting that the game is a lot easier to develop due to the fact that the game is 2D and very much based on the players.

Among Us is just the kind of fun and lighthearted gameplay that everyone needs during the quarantine. The Among Us community is still growing fast, the game concept is unique and interesting, and the game has high accessibility. I am excited to see what the Among Us developers will add to the game.

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