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Game Talk – The Rise and Fall of Fall Guys

Fall Guys was a game being talked about pretty much never before. The game was advertised to the community as a goofy battle royale game. You can learn more about the game by checking out my game review on Fall Guys.

Fall Guys was released on August 4th and it absolutely blew up in ways nobody has seen before. With quarantine being months in, a connection to friends like this was more needed than ever. that friendly competition in a silly game show parkour theme was something that no game competed with for those first few weeks.

Fall Guys’ success didn’t arise from people seeing the trailer and just buying it. A massive number of people bought the game because their favorite streamers were playing Fall Guys, those streamers amounted to hundreds of thousands of viewers and even YouTubers decided to hop on this trend. Everyone watching it became immediately obsessed and intrigued by this fun little battle royale game. 

However, cheaters took Fall Guys by storm, which ruined the game for everyone. These players were able to fly, run fast, and easily win every time. These cheaters were so common most likely they’ve been in a lobby of yours but you’ve just never noticed them because they try to be subtle and they don’t get reported. Cheaters come with every game and it’s usually handled by people reporting the players to get them banned and balance the game, but the Fall Guys team had a different idea and said no reports would be allowed, Fall Guys made a couple of Twitter remarks talking about reports claiming that their anti-cheat was good enough and that you wouldn’t need to report them, but it turned out not to be true because it was impossible for them to keep track of cheaters using the numbering system. 

With all this taken into account, one of the main reasons for Fall Guys’ demise is that it got repetitive really fast. The game modes were always the same and there were only a few but once they’ve all been played like five times. Fall Guys is a battle royale meaning it has to be fun to play over and over, the new season did not add enough new levels into the game, and simply releasing new cosmetics isn’t sustainable in the long run.

Another main reason was the increasing popularity of Among Us. Most people found out about Fall Guys from the massive community around it, when a brand new cheap game hits the block and streamers begin to obsess over that game instead, Fall Guys isn’t really ever talked about anymore.

Twitch Viewership for Among Us

As of now, Fall Guys is almost all the way back down in popularity as it was when it was first announced, and that will most likely continue, leaving the game in the dust, but I feel like everyone can agree that a game like that just didn’t have the replay value to last amongst the popular games. After that month of fame people just naturally moved on as they do with other games.

Twitch Viewership for Fall Guys

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