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Game Review – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play adventure RPG  that isn’t afraid to copy features and ideas from other games, most notably The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s an enormous world to explore that’s filled with secrets, puzzles, and hidden loot. However, Genshin Impact doesn’t just thoughtlessly copy and paste these ideas. It expands on and tweaks them to fit really nicely into an adventure RPG that is incredibly fun to play.

For a F2P game, this game probably has the most hours of free content you can enjoy. Like any RPG, there are a lot of different mechanics for players to take in, but Genshin Impact introduces them one at a time to not overwhelm new players. As a result, it will take the players some time to unlock all the game features, which will become available to the players as they progress. This can seem a little frustrating, but it also allows the player to take the time they need to understand the mechanics they already have access to before going deeper into the game. That being said, it is a bit annoying that players have to reach level 16 before they are able to play co-op.

Each character wields a type of weapon and element, and even those characters use the same types of weapons have unique combat styles. Four different characters can be switched in and out at will to chain some sick combos and combine elemental attacks. There are many different enemy types which also control the elements forcing players to adapt to different situations and memorize their enemy’s attack patterns. However, due to the simplicity of Genshin Impact’s leveling system, combat rarely feels like a challenge but never gets old, creating the kind of gameplay loop that works on all platforms.

Every single character you pull or are given for free is playable. This is probably the most F2P friendly part of the game, even if you are unlucky and pull nothing good, the characters Genshin Impact gives you are sufficient for you to clear the game content that has been offered so far. Shiny 5-stars are strong and will definitely make the gameplay easier but there is nothing stopping you from progressing in the game with a good roster.

With a 0.6% rate to pull a 5-star weapon or character, the gacha rates in this game can be very frustrating for the players. The constellation system is a mechanic that further improves the skills of your characters and weapons, and the only way to unlock constellations is by pulling duplicates. Sadly there is no way of farming for constellations as even if you pull a 5-star character or weapon, which means you will almost never be able to max that character or weapon you want and enjoy its full potential.

Randomness in stat growth and drops make for hours and hours of artifact farming as you hit the late game. Artifact farming will probably be the thing that you will have to do the most as you hit late game and it will most likely get tedious in a short span of time given you actually have to grind over and over again without an auto function in the game.

There’s also very little interaction during the gameplay itself and it feels like a solo game most of the time. You won’t be able to chat with your friends unless you join them in co-op. There is no guild system so it can get a bit lonely at times. Even the co-op is extremely limited to what you can do together. For the time being, most content that you can do co-op can be bulldozed through doing solo as well. Most of the challenging late-game content appears to be solo only.

Genshin Impact is a great game game that everyone should try. It’s especially more fun if you go into it without knowing anything about game as it plays off as a very well designed single-player game from the start. There are still some problems that the masses fail to notice as they are still enjoying the abundance of content in the game. In the end, Genshin Impact is still a gacha game and suffers from many of the similar problems that other gacha games have. I do hope that the game developers address all these issues before the masses of players get to late game.

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