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Game Review – Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an adorable and silly battle royale game. Most of the time I’d like to goof around, take reckless chances, and try to grief other people before crossing the finish line. But as the end of the final round approaches would start suddenly taking things seriously as hell.

The game begins with 60 players rushing through an obstacle course in a chaotic mob of jumping and diving bodies. Only the first 40 or so across the finish line qualify for the next round, which is randomly chosen from a pool different levels. Each level eliminates more players until the final round, where there will be one winner.

There are different types of levels. Races are the most common, the courses may have giant spinning fan blades to knock players back, ramps covered with slippery slime, spinning balance beams or vanishing floor tiles, or giant pieces of fruit tumbling down the course. Fall Guys relies a little too heavily on these races. They’re a good way to cut the crowd in half at the start of the match, but once I’d been through each of them a few times I learned to run the same routes and hope for the best.

There are also some levels divide players into teams to achieve a goal, and these team games are among the best in Fall Guys because they provide opportunities to sabotage the other team. In Egg Scramble, teams fight over a pile of eggs in the center of the map, grabbing as many as they can and depositing them in their team’s basket, and then trying to steal eggs from the other teams’ baskets before time runs out. In another game teams push a giant ball down an obstacle course to the finish line, and you can run ahead to block your opponent’s balls. The downside is that in team games, if you don’t have friends with you in the match, you’re strictly relying on a group of random players you can’t communicate with. You can be having a great run but lose just because the rest of your randomly selected teammates can’t get it together.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock is best in small doses, an hour of play a day is enough before I begin to tire of all the similar mini games, but that hour is usually great fun mixed with some delicious tension in the finals.

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