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Game Review – Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies was among the earliest tower defense games I have played when I was younger. I had a retail version of it, and only recently bought it on Steam because of the sale and because of nostalgia too. It had been almost 10 years since I last played this game and I still remember all the mechanics.

The variety and creativity in this game take this basic mission structure and turn it into something special. Just when you think you’ve gotten your basic defense strategy down, you are introduced with a bunch of new zombies that mess up your game plan, and you are given a new set of plants to manage. New zombies and plants are added according to the environments, and the visual charm makes the game a pleasure to look at, which helps keep things fresh.

Once you finished the storyline, the survival mode will be unlocked for those of you who seek a tougher challenge. In Survival mode, your defenses are persistent throughout each level and you get the chance to change your plant loadout after every round. Building on established defenses is an interesting tactical twist and is a great opportunity to use some of the more exotic species that you may not have used in your adventure mode. It offers some new challenges and a reason to play beyond the main adventure.

There are some other fun reasons to continue playing after completing Adventure mode. The mini games are a wacky assortment of one-off challenges that further play with the basic dynamics of Plants vs. Zombies. With plenty of unique puzzles and mini games, Plants vs. Zombies offers a lot of entertaining ways to keep playing.

You can also earn money throughout every mode, which you can then spend them on a variety of items including new plants and new game modes.

Overall, it’s impressive how well everything works together in Plants vs. Zombies, the gameplay seems to follow the core philosophy of accessible simplicity and thoughtful complexity, it’s a great game suited for a wide range of audiences.

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